What To Look Forward To With The Flying Car Era?

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Will you hop in with me to take a ride above city skylines? We will be there sooner than you think! The Flying Car Era is around the corner and it will begin with drones delivering our pizza. How cool is that?

While we graduate to the flying vehicles, I wonder what new licenses we will have to get in order to qualify to use these new cars. Do you see yourself taking flying lessons to embark in one of them? I guess that would be fun but I doubt that we will have to…

Flying Car

These wonder automobiles of the future will come with fully automated navigation systems, low-impact vertical take-off, convenient fly-drive capability, silent engines, and specialized safety systems. By then we will have established what we need in the sky in terms of directional layering of airspace so we don’t all go bumping in the night when we fly!

As soon as early 2015 you can expect FedEx and UPS delivering your own packages with flying drones. You can order your groceries through Kroger or Safeway and we all know the other big brands will do the same. What will happen to the mom and pop shops or the little boutiques around the corner that will not have access to the expenses of drone deliveries at our doorsteps? Will they be able to afford adding that cost to the consumers to remain competitive? I sure hope so. We may want to think of servicing this ourselves and I bet this will make a really good business opportunity for many.

The nice thing about this is that we will not have to worry about delivery of water and electricity (rechargeable batteries for our homes can be dropped right on our lawns) nor will we need to hear the sewage removal contraptions or trash pick-up trucks once a week. It is predicted that these too will evolve into air-powered vehicles that later will be converted to the wonders of frictionless drones.

Are you ready for this? We better be, as drones will soon fly off our coastlines to venture to sea in order to safeguard this country.



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