10 Attributes That Say You Are A Future Leader

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It takes many qualities to be successful today and while the individuals who head up their own companies or run Fortune 500 enterprises are all different, women and men alike display certain attributes we find across the board. These same attributes that end up making a difference with entrepreneurs all around the world! Do you possess these and if not are you willing to develop them?

Future Leader

  1. They have a positive attitude. Thoughts are powerful. They can either uplift you or bring you down. Successful people control their thoughts. There are ways to maintain your thoughts and remain in a good frame of mind even when things are tough. Be grateful for what you have, your friends, family and loved ones. Take in the small moments and appreciate them. Stop to look around and see the beauty around you… These steps can help maintain your inner thoughts positive. Refuse negativity. Be in control of how your brain works. It takes practice. When you find yourself doubting things, stop and do these little things that set everything just right again.
  2. They know how to manage failures and set-backs. We all know life can be tough and bring us bad surprises. How we deal with these unexpected twist and turns makes the difference between moving ahead or remaining in a place that truly does not do us any good. As a leader, look at the situation objectively and decide what you can do about solving the problem. There are always solutions. There may not be the ones we want but, there are options. We just need to look.
  3. They take responsibility. As a leader, the responsibility is yours and yours alone. No need to make excuses. It is what it is… Now, how do you intend to fix whatever it is that is not working? Once you make the commitment and people know you will handle whatever it is that needs to be handled, go about fixing what is not working. Respect is earned by deeds not by words. If they respect you, they will follow you.
  4. They develop those around them. Taking the time to provide knowledge and nurture those around you is a natural thing a leader does… It is not just about the task at hand. It is about inspiring others to be what they can be to the best of their abilities. It is about providing the spark that makes others want to be part of whatever it is you are doing and giving them the desire to go the distance. There is a personal benefit that can be derived from anyone when they are in the company of a leader.
  5. They are able to delegate. One cannot do everything and do it well. One is not good at everything and should not pretend to be… There is always room for others to help and provide something of value to a project. Of course, the control factor we see in many successful individuals is all about quality and sometimes a certain obsession because they thrive to be the absolute best. We cannot allow our work to be less than what is of the utmost quality, within the realm of the possible. But, giving others the opportunity to perform is a wonderful quality. Allowing them to make mistake and providing them an environment where they can correct these mistakes is a most favorable attribute when one leads a company or manages a project.
  6. They know how to communicate. Words are powerful and when used properly they resonate with people. Making sure that our audience understands the goals, the process and the journey to achieving our aim is something that a leader understands. It motivates everyone to walk the path and do it in concert.
  7. They inspire confidence. Trust is an extremely valuable and rare commodity. It is not about making promises that never translate into real tangible things. It is about saying what you mean and acting upon it. It is not about spinning ideas in the hope that no one will call you on them when these never see the light of day. It is about carrying on these ideas as best one can and moving forward with an agenda in a concrete way and keeping everyone involved in the process.
  8. They use their intuition. Too often, we shy away from our gut feeling because our head tells us there is a better way. Too often, we really objectively, logically do not know what is best in a given situation. Yet, our instinct is the best barometer of actions that should be taken or not. Every time instinct is followed, it works out. Every time it is ignored regret is next. Bottom line, if we are willing to listen to ourselves, we just know.
  9. They have a sense of humor. Taking oneself too seriously is not fun and it is ultimately not good. We are human, we make mistakes, we are not perfect and that is what makes us who we are… we should be able to laugh at our quirks, our foibles and feel it is all right. Our friends and those who love us will only love us more for that. It is okay to be vulnerable. A true leader can deal with that.
  10. They show commitment. There are no better way to enroll people than to show passion and commitment to something. Whether things come easy or not (most of the times they do not) a leader keeps on going, not deterred by the difficulties or challenges and finds solutions.
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