5 Little Social Skills Today To Hold On To In the Future…

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As we become ever more connected to our phone devices and our computers, there is one thing that remains the same. For those of us who like to be surrounded by friends, we have to maintain an active social life. Yet, a great social life comes with a bit of know-how. To create an ever expanding circle of friends and constantly meet people that will want to get into our inner group, there are a few things to help us achieve our goals.

Important Social Skills

Whether today or tomorrow, here are some easy tips to keep in mind so we can all achieve a successful social life.

  1. Select a great place to meet new people. Making new friends is usually easier when circumstances invite people in a setting that is conducive to meeting… Making new friends, in a way, is like pursuing a career goal. Take control. This aspect is like any others. One thing that may help is to find a group with the same interests.
  2. Some people may have a very active social life already. They may be overloaded with friends. Find out if they are… You may not be able to come right out and ask if they have a lot of friends, but you can find out if they know a lot of good places to meet people. Once you discover that, it is easy to also get an idea of what their life is like at this moment. Are they going through some challenges in their life – busy with a new promotion, in the process of moving or are they available to grab a coffee? This will tell you much about their accessibility.
  3. Find out what you have in common. It is important to build that quickly so they can relate to you. This will help promote a new relationship with them, even if it is for a bit later down the road. Do not focus on what makes you different from them. There is plenty of time to do that once you get to know each other.
  4. Be open to show yourself with some frailties. Don’t hide all that you are and be a little more open than usual. It is not about sharing your inner secrets. It is about showing something about you so that they will want to do the same in return. This can bring you closer and strengthen the connection you are making with this new person.
  5. Demonstrate that you like to meet new people. It is a fact that on occasion we may not be in the mood to meet new people. Change that mindset. By believing that this is fun and you are really looking forward to meeting new people, your entire attitude will change and allow you to be perceived as warm and friendly. You will be recognized as someone who genuinely likes people. This will automatically make you likeable.

Making friends is something we can learn to do even if we are not outgoing or do not have a great social life. A smile opens many doors. An outgoing attitude can be acquired by practicing and taking small steps…Do not take things personally if a conversation you engage goes nowhere… move on and you will find others who will be receptive to chatting with you. Keep going and you will see your inner circle of friends expand… Whether this happens today or the next, you will experience the difference.

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