Rome Was Not Built In One Day, Neither Will We…

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We have a dream… And it’s big… And it’s bold! Building this with a small team takes time… We make it happen everyday as you do with your own career! But we can use the help on occasions and it can come in many forms… One of these forms is for you to like our fan page and to get your friends to like it too.

On NEWDAWN Diaries –, we are improving our features to offer our audience the best experience. You have ideas… Tell us what you think!

Additional cast members have been brought on board for the REBOOT Series and will start work with us in February 2014. We need other actors for some of our key roles. Register and join our cast. Check our casting call and select your role. Send us your audition and we will get back to you, that’s a promise! Contact us if you need more information:

We have also expanded our roles on CityWide Recruiting. You are welcomed to join us either in the Professional category or as a fan! Enroll and see what we offer. We’ve identified great archetype characters that you can play immediately, allowing you to become part of Angel City in 2098 and shape the future with us. Become part of our team from anywhere in the world!

Register now and become a member. As a Traveler, your access will be limited but we will update you if you want to be part of CityWide Recruiting to our Citizen Status and it’s a FREE membership upgrade for now. Act now and sign up:

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