How To Create a SciFi World And Make It Real?

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I am a science fiction fan. I have always loved to be transported into exotic new worlds and be challenged by societies of the future… As a writer, I love to explore these new venues. As a screenwriter, I seek to transfer the images of my mind onto the screen. As a director, making sure that what we develop from a technology standpoint, with all the little gadgets along the way, can be a challenge. It is also a tall order with the budget of an independent! Ingenuity comes into mind when I think of that… But what enhances our story the most so that it ultimately entices many of us is about resonance. It is truly what makes a story memorable.

Creating A Whole New Universe

As we build the world of NEWDAWN, it is not just about the cool gadget we bring to the scene. It is about the great environments we create and the back story that makes our character unique and provides us all with a compelling story. It is not just about the fantastic world we have never seen before but rather about tying in some real issues, those we face now, those we can all relate to today, to what the future holds for us. And there are many issues we should resolve or attempt to from climate change to fresh water supply and food (when our world will be at 12 Billion on our planet), from cloning to biotic and robotics, from human engineering to artificial intelligence only to name a few… And these issues however serious can also make for great entertainment.

Little by little you will be able to discover some of these issues as we bring them to you early on through our MindTranscripts and VLogs on our website: Slowly, while we position each of our character and divulge bit and pieces, these will have an impact on our main story line.

If you are like me and love SciFi, you must find that there are not enough of these stories going around… I know, I am always looking at this genre in either films or TV series. These days, I seem to have watched all there is… and so I go back to reading books, until the next wave hits our screens.

And if you are like me, well we can use your support. You can join us in this immersive SciFi journey simply by signing onto our site at so we can build the next story and keep building! It’s free as you enter the site as a Traveler.

We hope to see you all there. Thank you for your support.

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