Celebrate With Natalie Kaberjian On Joining The NEWDAWN Cast As Amara

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Join us in celebrating Natalie’s new role on the NEWDAWN Diaries – Reboot series where she will play the role of Amara…

Natalie Kabenjian

To be quite frank, performing had never really been in the cards for Natalie Kabenjian. Yes, in her earlier years she was found guilty of imitiating Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the lavatory after a bath, running around rampant in her neighborhood pretending to be some ballerina/ ninja/ jedi knight /somewhat Ace Ventura-esque assasin, and designing custom interrogation rooms for her Barbies where she would subject them to massive torture. But, it wasn’t until she was offered a scholarship to study theatre at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas when she realized that she had indeed been bitten by ‘the performance bug’ and she’d been bitten bad. So bad, that several UT student films and indie projects later, she went against her agent’s wishes and traveled to Los Angeles where she was discovered by Will Wallace and was indicted into his acting company and from there the rest is history. She was thus cast in numerous projects one of which is the ‘blow your mind’ thriller ‘The Appearing’ by Daric Gates which had its Lionsgate release. Natalie is currently working on Jamiyon Parker’s new play ‘Bus Stops’ and is gearing up to tackle Dominique Luchart’s New Dawn project.

‘ As a massive sci-fi nerd, I was overly ecstatic when I was offered a role. Completely unexpected, but I’m absolutely stoked to be part of such an incredibly unique project and to be working with the brilliant Dominique Luchart, who is a gem of her own kind. I just can’t wait to start the assimilation process into this amazing world. No doubt about it, this is going to be one hellacious ride.’

For more on NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT: www.newdawnreboot.com

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