19 Top Rules for Successful Networking to Shape your Future Now

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My Protocols for prosperous connections are simple…

It is relatively easy to make a connection with someone if you like people. It is much harder to transform this connection into a valuable contact. It is even more difficult to get them to become an asset in your life. This can only happen if you cultivate the relationship. Over years, I have met incredible people that have proven to be invaluable friends. I have also often times neglected contacts due to a busy schedule and regretted that because more so than not, an opportunity presented itself and my contacts could have been a valuable resource – a win win situation for all sides… but I was too busy. I don’t encourage you to do the same. Don’t miss an opportunity like I did before I finally recognized it was not very smart. Since nothing in our existence truly comes at us in the manner in which we expect it, keep your contacts active. In a certain way, surprises are part of the beautiful things life offers us. So, keep in mind that it is the unpredictability of circumstances that shape our potentiality for greatness.

19 Top Rules for Successful Networking

  1. Friendliness opens the door to making a true connection. Even when you are tired or do not feel like meeting people because you did not sleep well the night before, and your day proved to be lousy… Make the effort to go out and change your perspective. It is likely that you will meet someone that can make a difference in your life and at the least, this action will change your energy for the better.
  2. Confidence will promote your image and strengthen your personal brand. Enter a room with your head held high, eyes forward and posture straight. It is amazing what slouching can do to discredit you and mine your self-respect without you even knowing it. Everything will look different and feel absolutely ten times better. It is a formidable weapon we have in our arsenal and one that is easy to use. Put a smile on those lips and move forward.
  3. Eye contact reinforces respect for the person with whom you have a conversation. Not only is that important for the other person but it is essential for you. How can you communicate and connect if you are not paying attention to the other person? There is nothing worse than watching what is going on around a room when talking to someone. Think about how that makes you feel when others do that to you! Looking straight into someone eyes really gives you an edge and reinforces the power you have with others.
  4. Decisive demeanor and positive outlook garner good responses and outcomes. No one wants to be around a negative individual. Energy is easily sapped away by negative patterns. Instead, positive energy attracts like energy and consistently creates a framework for powerful exchanges.
  5. Opportunity rarely presents itself without some type of uncertainty. Taking a chance is actually rewarding in and of itself. It makes us grow and gives us extra assurance. Stretching ourselves to go out of our usual patterns provides an impetus that makes us thrive, because we actually do something we are not used to. It is a good thing to exceed the boundaries of our routine. It makes us feel more alive and this quality brings more people to us.
  6. Achievement is preceded by readiness and groundwork. Everything demands work and for those who think they can achieve success because they are lucky, well… I simply am a non-believer on the subject. Excellence demands dedication to details and expertise is never developed overnight. Success only comes when you are ready for it. So be ready, work your craft and work it again and again and even more.
  7. Be genuine and set aside the impulse that brought you here in the first place. Actually developing an interest in another person has many advantages. For one, you will remember them and their name next time you meet instead of drawing a blank when you cross them on the street. Knowing their name will set you apart and eventually benefit you.
  8. Reciprocity works miracle when you show real concern for the other person. It is easy to jettison someone after five minutes of idle chit chat that has no meaning. It is an empty gesture that does not bring you even the most remote satisfaction. You might as well have stayed home and watched a movie or read a good book. This person will not remember you tomorrow or will recall you as a user and possibly even a moron… Not a great way to connect.
  9. Break down the distance or obstacles by establishing common ground fast. There is always something we share in common. It does not matter your background, your education, your financial situation, your language even. We all share something in common with another individual. If the barrier they present around themselves is high, look at their posture and use it as a guide. A real meaningful acknowledgement, a compliment, a smile, a direct look can build that bridge to the other side.
  10. Important contacts will be weary of your approach – be tactful and don’t push it. A simple gesture, a kind word can resonate without creating a defensive cautious reaction. Be present and make yourself known but maintain dignity and little by little, let them get to know you. Respect their distance. Adopt their style. Mirror their action.
  11. Appearance makes all the difference. Give yours the extra attention to details it deserves. Your image is the only thing others have on you. It can make them get closer or run away. Neat, clean, immaculate presence draws people in and make them comfortable with who you are. Give them the chance to get to know you and make them feel that they want to know you. There is no excuse to look well, you know what I mean… unkept, when one respects oneself. Actually, it will make you feel rather lousy. Instead, do the little things that drives your energy up and give you the extra edge to get into a positive state of mind. It is the little things that count.
  12. Reputation is everything – consider yours and follow through on your promises. It is amazing the number of people I meet that do not deliver what they say they can… it raises an immediate red flag because I do not have the time for them. There is too many things that keep me occupied… fascinating tasks, important meetings, work related issues or people I want to meet. So don’t chase around those who pretend… Surround yourself with people of like mind and you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish together.
  13. Actions resonate louder than mere words. You’ve heard that one before… Some people talk a good game and waste a lot of your time. Focus on those who do things… They are the ones that are worth gold and can pave the way to a journey full of incredible opportunities if you know where to look and keep an open mind.
  14. Bring value into everything you do and share your knowledge with others. Working alone will not get you as far as you can go surrounded by others. Do not be afraid to establish a connection for someone else. Keeping a contact of yours for yourself will not ultimately benefit you if there is an opportunity for that person with a third party. Make the contact happen. Do not hold on to knowledge so you maintain control over others. It will not last. The art of control is in the letting go, because the only true control we have is in ourselves.
  15. Engage your audience with persuasive communication. Pick your words carefully, mean what you say, and let your passion shine. It will gain you many friends and fans.
  16. Maintain and nurture the relationship. A little thing to keep the other person in your sphere does not take much… A kind word, a hello, a quick text… Sometimes that is all it takes. Let the opportunity surface to do more naturally.
  17. Constant readiness is at the heart of your success. Be prepared for the unpredictable. It is usually when we do not expect something that an opportunity emerge and doors open wide.
  18. Refine your reputation and keep cultivating a good one over the long term. That takes consciousness, integrity and honesty. Speaking the truth is sometimes difficult but ultimately will serve you if you do it with consideration and tact. People will begin to count on what you have to say and respect you.
  19. Remain what you are at all times. Others will do the same if you open that doorway. Don’t pretend, it is a waste of energy. Find your voice, your meaningful voice, the voice that resonate with your heart and listen to it. It will truly do wonders for you because others will respond to it.

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