The Future In The Present With Driverless Cars

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The FUTURE. To many it sounds promising, to some it sounds intimidating, but to me it sounds exciting. This small six-letters word envelopes the promise of a new existence filled with unforeseen possibilities. Yet our present as the prelude to the impending future we weave remains one small cog, one minuscule component in the infinitesimal timeline we share within our universe. The connectivity of this invisible thread in the space continuum is undeniable and creates a web of unpredictable outcomes. One of these is undoubtedly that our driverless cars technology of today will be the transportation of choice for tomorrow for millions of us.

Driverless Cars

As this tomorrow unfolds we can certainly acknowledge that it depends in part on the choices we make today. There are countless outside factors contributing to the shape our future will indeed take. And while we preview this upcoming world, I cannot help but imagine the temptations and the miracles that it withholds.

Looking back into the past certainly offers a trend of what we might expect… Considering our starting point as human beings and what our evolution has brought us to, there is a lot to consider in terms of where we started and how far we have reached. I cannot help but being in awe at the adaptability of our incredible body, the ingenuity of our mind, the relentless will to survive born from our instinctive nature. We have demonstrated these traits over the course of history. It is only to be expected that the same behavior will take us into the next millennia. One glimpse at the miracle of science and technology and we can appreciate even at this very moment, the path ahead. These fields so intricately interwoven will affect the advancements made in the area of transportation. They already are… Thrilling experiences awaits with driverless cars, which will play a huge part in our future lifestyles. It is the inevitable dawn of the machine — the computer as an intelligence force influencing our way of life.

Driverless cars is just not another feather under our human’s cap, its importance withholds much more. It symbolizes the keen exploration of human nature and the thirst to know more and do more. So, while I sit back and let my imagination go free, I picture autonomous vehicles. I envision cars that chauffeurs me to my destination while I relax and read a book or watch a movie.

But my imagination encompasses today figments of reality. The Google car no longer seems like an old science fiction feature that was told decades ago to bewildered kids. It is anything but fiction. Hands-free driving cars no longer just occupy one realm of possibility, they are indeed at the crossroads of new developed technology and will consume much more than our thoughts. See the full coverage on blog.

Audi and BMW unveiled their latest driverless technology at 2014 International CES (January 7-10 in Las Vegas). They offered a daring vision of what is coming to fruition and even sprinkled that with a spark of what could have been considered once upon a time pure fantasy, but is in fact today a reality. These driverless cars sense their surroundings using techniques such as radar, lidar, GPS, computer vision, with each providing information about the environment, in which the vehicle is operating. The detailed 3D map helps the car analyze its circuit and determine its next move while moving within the landscape. Advanced control systems and sensors intercept sensory data to work out appropriate navigation and avoid upcoming obstacles. BMW brainstormed and developed it famous and highly active assist technology to 2 Series Coupe. The car utilises throttle, steering and breaking to control movements, acceleration and deceleration in exact amounts. Audi had the ingenious brain power to master more than the technology. It also created a smaller scale working computer system thereby decreasing its size from the space of an entire trunk loaded with wires and complex hardware to a small box fitting inside one of the compartments of the car. Obviously, all these are the first building blocks to our current notion of driverless cars. Many changes and new implementations techniques will find their way to a thriving actual vehicle. Environment modelling, driving strategy technology all are the many pieces of the puzzle acting as the key to a brilliant masterpiece.

Soon, there may no longer be a need for a driver’s license anymore. Blind people will actually have the ability to “drive” without having to ask for help. Kids will “drive” themselves to school or to the playground in all security. One could actually have a lot to drink during a party and still “drive” home without causing danger to others. On long trips we will even be able to sleep. Most of all, being on the phone or texting while driving would no longer be dangerous. Safety on the road is not just a dream. An independent research study by the Eno Center for Transportation said that wide proliferation of self-driving cars could cut down vehicular injuries by 90 percent and save us $450 billion annually. This prediction is quite amazing.

Others advancements are in the works with possibilities leading us to a place where machines become more self aware and share responsibilities freeing us from monotonous tasks. My imagination runs free visualizing endless situations benefiting us. A place where threads between science and technology sewn together create a vibrant and better life for us.

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