The Shocking Truth about Technology & Computers in 2098

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Truth about Technology & Computers in 2098

In 2098, computers and technology have been totally redefined

Local storage as you know it no longer exists. Computational limitations as you know it no longer exists. The developmental gap and ability for humans to compete with artificial intelligence has since been eliminated.

The ability for humans to innovate and create is now largely based upon the superior intellectual aptitude of computers and technology. The gap of unemployed humans has grown drastically as mechanical components and robotic automation in conjunction with the capacity of artificial intelligence and neural networks has rendered human integration nearly useless. And the processing and creative prowess of Technology and Computers in 2098 has undercut the innovational opportunities that humans once enjoyed.

In addition to the drastically enhanced propensity of Technology and Computers, there are several components that you need to be aware of:

  • GPU Clustering and Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  • Graphics as you know it have transformed drastically in 2098

The instantaneous rendering of complex graphics allow the immediate rending of graphics that results in profound quality, brilliance, and speed. Furthermore, since the speed of generating displayed objects in this capacity is so immense, the power required for projection is only a fraction of what was once possible.

In 2098 Artificial Intelligence Is Superior to Human Intelligence

In the year 2035 the edge of human intelligence was nullified by neural network and super computer processing technology. In 2098, the role of artificial intelligence is superlative to overall function of all information systems, organizations, educational systems, and private sectors.

The ability for seamless integration and immediate access to infinite quantities of data equates to an artificial intelligence precision with the ability to forecast, calculate and retrieve data like never before envisioned. Since that time the dwindling requirements to create unfathomable intelligence has only been surpassed by further technologies developed by Artificial Intelligence.
In 2098 artificial intelligence has far exceeded human capacity and a synchronously arrayed neural network known as the DAINN system is at the core of all 2098 information systems, cloud storage networks and computational algorithms.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration has lead turning the vast planet into a tiny community in 2098. People are now integrated across instantaneous communication in all avenues of life, which has significantly diminished the novelty and scope of the planet. Real Time Video technologies have enabled the interconnectivity of all communities in real time with little processing requirements.


The exponential growth of computer intelligence and power has led to technology and computers attaining superior intelligence to humans. The human brain has been successfully reverse engineered, and the networked nature of databanks and information systems has resulted in the declining demand for human intelligence and innovation.

Cloud Storage in 2098

Local storage and hard drives as past human life have known them are now obsolete. In 2020, local storage (hard drives, pen drives, USB storage) were largely labelled to be obsolete, redundant and resourceful. In 2098 all data is instantly stored and accessed via remote storage.

Human Irrelevance in the 2098 Modern Workforce

Technology and advances in Artificial Intelligence have largely rendered the human mind to be moot and obsolete. Legislation has been passed to grant humans competitive rights in order to maintain relevance, though the lifelike qualities and superior thought processing of computers in 2098 have rendered humans largely redundant, unappreciated, unneeded, and underutilized.

Incentivized Human Integration Programs

In 2098 there is little incentive for organizations to hire humans due to the superior nature of nano technology and artificial intelligence. As a result reforms and affirmative actions are set in place to ensure humans maintain some element of human rights and the right to work.

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