Beyond 2050 – A New Treshold – Part 1

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In exploring the world of New Dawn – Reboot, my new novel, I was able to dive into a glimpse at an incredible future for us all. My research leads me to the discovery of what our lives will be beyond the 2050 threshold, going all the way to 2098. So many changes are mind boggling and yet, with technological advances gathering speed and science whispering promises of better life, things are exponentially moving faster within both of these realms. Scientists in the fields of Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, and Biotics are foreseen a convergence that will affect our performance as human beings and permanently alter us. Amazingly, this future while full of promises and extraordinary advancements, will undoubtedly challenge us in unforeseeable ways. While there are many things to discuss, too many to address in depth especially in one article the horizon is fascinating to me. The first of a series, this article deals with us much more than our environment.

Beyond 2050

While our lives have evolved focusing primarily on improving our surroundings, this era brings about a new proclivity – that of advancing ourselves for the age of the machine where recent established boundaries will demand much more of us. Until now, our minds have stretched to envision frontiers in many domains, from health and science to robotics and other technologies. Thanks to years of science fiction films breaking unchartered grounds we have travelled into many potential futures. Mostly these renditions have painted a picture of journeys across different environments, beings and worlds. For the most part and with a few exceptions, looking at the horizon ahead of us was all about focusing on external conditions. In a way, we have reshaped the world around us for many centuries. In our near future, we will instead center our attention on ourselves and make improvements on who we are, and how we can be. We now become the entity to shape according to our dream and blueprint. What will we emerge at as a result of that process?

We have little choice for if we are to maintain a fighting chance to keep up with our technology and our computers, which will surpass us undoubtedly within the next fifty years, altering who we are is the only solution. Non biological intelligence is growing exponentially while biology does not. Groups of scientist ponder these issues, breaking grounds in neuroscience and nano-technologies, robotics and biotics. All these fields engender enormous implications for our future as trans-humans or symbiotic beings evolving a new specie between man and machine. Already there is talk that we will be able to transplant a human brain onto a computer, safekeeping knowledge and memories… A brain transplant was attempted from one monkey to another and worked for seven days on the new subject until the new body rejected the tissues. The ability to crack our DNA code and unravel its functions so we can identify molecule capable of creating life to specifications is very much what will unlock our alteration. Gene therapy will transform DNA for organ donors so that they are not rejected… Some say our consciousness can be transplanted and our personality transferred… a computer, a younger body, a trans-human one with more efficient and effective capabilities? Where are our new limits?

It is time to look ahead and see the types of alterations that will irrevocably change who we are as the implementation of scientific and technological changes will affect us internally and irremediably. Our human species is yet again about to make a qualitative jump. Already, we are breaking the ATGC human genome coding telling us what genes are necessary to make a human brain or a liver. Our evolution will impact the creation of life to pre-determined specifications. Who will set those for the rest of us? These improvements open a highway where speed, proficiency and effectiveness are king. We will rediscover ourselves with stronger limbs, running faster, boasting tougher skin, with ultra sound vision, processing information at an incredible rate with implants, accessing capabilities with chips that expand our perceptions and memory far beyond the ones we now possess, and passed many other normal human limits. An individual accessing cyber space naturally, merging technology with biology, capable to exist in reality as well as virtually, is that what we can look forward to?

Certainly, these questions cannot yet be answered but they are fascinating in creating a world for the future, alerting us that many components, moral and scientific can be our own undoing or presenting us with an awesome challenge that if navigated properly could mean a whole new dawn for humanity. These changes predicted by the scientific community are quite staggering and they are here now. If we are to take our cues not only from our world scientists but also our leaders, the latest 2013 Davos Summit included on its official agenda the topic of Brain Power and Immortality along with Aliens. The emergence of a brand new frontier has already reached us. What we design today will come to pass soon and this awesome responsibility rests on all our shoulders…

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