Rich Tola Joins the Cast of NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT as Baker

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Rich is an author, actor, producer and founder of a charity teaching Yoga to women and children survivors of domestic violence, The Boulevard Zen Foundation. Since 2006, Rich has worked in feature films, prime time television, reality television, commercials, infomercials, print modeling and academic theater. His film, Boulevard Zen (2009), inspires everyone to embrace the principles of Yoga and was the inspiration for his charity.

Rich received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) and his MBA from Northwestern University (Kellogg). He previously worked on Wall Street, sold commercial real estate in New York City (including The General Motors Building for The Trump Organization), founded the first-of-its-kind Dot-com in the height of the Internet boom, and was an award-winning real estate developer of Historic Landmark properties in inner-city neighborhoods. He also traveled the world and lived in a plethora of major metropolis including NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Rich Tola

Rich has been passionate about fitness for the past 35 years and has earned certifications as a Personal Trainer, Cycling Instructor and Yoga Teacher. He has taught Yoga to more than 15,000 students since becoming certified in 2006. His LA-based shingle, Two Strike Hitter, produced his film and more than 15 hours of instructional videos including Rich Tola’s Yoga Survival Guide (DVD), Rich Tola’s 15 Minute Fat Burning Workouts (DVD) and Rich Tola’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts: 100 Workouts in 100 Days (web series). His sexy, heartfelt memoir, Simply Between Millions: From Wall Street to Hollywood, was published in 2012 (paperback and digital), while the Audiobook was narrated and produced by Rich in 2013.

His steely character, BAKER, the law-abiding yet rebellious Security Force Alliance Officer in charge of patrolling citizen territory in the soon-to-be-released post-apocalyptic world of New Dawn Reboot, is a perfect fit for Rich’s “no-nonsense, laser-focused and strong” East Coast energy. With a web series in the works by creator and director Dominique Luchart, New Dawn Reboot offers Rich the opportunity to re-unite with his former co-star and leading lady, the lovely and talented, Stephanie Drapeau.

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