Charly Emery Joins the Cast of NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT as Marigold Sone

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Charly Emery: aka Marigold Sone

Charly Emery has always possessed a passion for creativity in addition to an infinite curiosity for problem solving and maximizing life. This is evidenced by her love of acting along with her cutting edge work as a personal strategist and confidant. Charly’s affinity for the arts began at an early age and was initially expressed through her many years of classical dance training. After a difficult bout with repressing trauma in her twenties, the process of using her own instincts to transform her life led to Charly’s unique, result oriented expertise as a personal strategist and interpersonal consultant.

Still in addition to consulting, Charly’s love for creative expression evolved into modeling, public speaking and eventually acting with appearances in national commercials, print ads, fitness DVDs as well as primetime TV shows. Then just as her acting career began to unfold Charly authored her first book; a wildly popular dating handbook for women entitled “Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass.” This led her in whole new direction with personal appearances as a thought leader, TV personality, and an exciting breakthrough as an on-camera coach on E! network’s reality show, Opening Act.

Charly Emery

With opportunities to appear as herself rolling in and new acting roles on the horizon, Charly is successfully spanning the realms of entertainment and self-help, proving that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Charly on becoming part of New Dawn – Reboot

At an early age I began to grasp that every choice and every action puts something in motion that must then play out – which is why I’ve always loved science fiction. Aside from the warm memories of watching Creature Double Feature with one part sci-fi every saturday afternoon with my Dad, I was fascinated by the human dilemmas that were inescapable in futuristic worlds specifically designed to be better than what came before. Science fiction entertained and indulged me by providing a glimpse into the results of our past actions and compulsions. It demonstrates how technological advances and evolution in our way of life, challenges our ethics, our values and the outcomes we desire… It illustrates how that intended to simplify creates complications elsewhere that must be reconciled.

I’m so passionate about problem solving and believe that the real value is in the journey of grasping what we are creating, and then elevating ourselves through the process of transforming it into what actually serves us best, which is what New Dawn—Reboot is all about. This is why I’m thrilled about being part of a series that will not only entertain, but also bring lessons from a future we can learn from today to shape our very future.

On Saturday mornings back in Boston, my father and I curled up in his recliner every week to watch the local UHF channel’s Creature Double Feature. It was always one part Godzilla and one part science fiction, thus my love of science fiction

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