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Interview With Author Dominique Luchart

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  Today our guest is the author and futurist Dominique Luchart with NEWDAWN Saga Novel A Scifi series for YA!  She is also a Director and Producer, leaving in LA. She is launching the first book of a SciFi/Fantasy series for YA, NEWDAWN ROAMERS. The books is about us in 2098 w/ Science & Tech paving the way to our future. The …

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A Word To The fans About NEWDAWN And The Future

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What Is NEWDAWN? Some of you have heard about NEWDAWN, and have been following the journey I have undertaken with this project for some time, while otEven then… it is not easy.hers may still wonder what NEWDAWN is all about… So, on the eve of the new book NEWDAWN ROAMERS coming out, I wanted to take a few minutes and address …

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NEWDAWN Goes To Comic Con With An Exciting Cryo Promotion For The Fans!

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NEWDAWN goes to Comic Con, San Diego, With An Exciting Cryo Promotion For The Fans! Introducing the Saga – To Reach Ang City in 2098, You Must Enter Cryo… NEWDAWN author Dominique Luchart meets science fiction fans at San Diego COMIC CON 2016. Dominique will be mingling during the convention and reaching out to hard core science fiction and fantasy aficionados …